Friday, March 25, 2011

Been awhile

It has been a whiles since I posted any pictures.  Here are some of the latest

 This is a puppet box with 3 mice.  Jackson loves petting them.
 And giving them kisses.

 And just watching them.

 He is giving each mouse a fist bump, then blowing it up!

 Jackson has started to carry a stool everywhere.

 He uses it to watch the TV closer, or get books off the shelf.
He really likes the book "10 on the bed" where the little boy tells his animals to "roll over" and they all fall out of bed.  Jackson reenacted this with his stuffed animals and Petey took advantage of the mess!


The Heil's said...

Question: Are you planning on bringing the stool with you to TN? We don't own one and he might need it!

Kyle Martin said...