Friday, October 8, 2010

New Belts (updated)

This is my birthday present from the Grahams. 

 Decided to try to make some belts for Jackson

 (updated) Here is a picture of Jackson wearing his belt.

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John and Anne said...

Nice Job! Where are the pictures of the sheet?!

The Heil's said...

WHAT?! That's amazing! (I am correct in my assumption that Megan is posting...right? Or, is this like the time I got Jonathan a sewing machine?) Nice job!

Kyle Martin said...

@Anne- The only picture I have of the sheet is this:!/photo.php?fbid=445505120746&set=a.48913470746.58024.502840746&pid=5176312&id=502840746
I will probably make a better one and take better pictures.

@Kristin-This is ALL stay-at-home-dad work! I will have to teach Megan how to use the new sewing machine soon. I actually asked for Jonathan's sewing machine as a present but ended up just getting a new one!