Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jackson 9 months

I finally made my Grad School decision. Arizona State On-line MBA program. I had to get Jackson some Sun Devils gear.
Jackson has started to wave. He especially likes to wave between bites at meal times. He is also starting to use the sign for "more"
We thought this was really funny. His onsie says "Happy Jack"

Jackson has a question!!!
Jackson and Petey are become great friends. Petey is learning to get out Jackson's way and Jackson is learning not pull on Petey's hair. They are both checking out the neighborhood. Keeping the streets safe!

Jackson is below the 3rd percentile in weight (as seen by this photo) so doctors orders are to add butter to his baby food, supplement with a high calorie formula and limit the amount of time on the treadmill.


Liz Drouillard said...

Love the new photos....especially the one with Petey. I wish someone would tell me I need to add butter to my diet.

Kara Graves said...

congratulations Kyle! you must be excited to start this new journey! Love all the pictures of Jackson, he is such a sweet boy with a great personality.