Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jackson 5 months

Enjoying sitting in his dads lap
(wearing a hat because we have lotion on his head)

He is starting to grab for things...especially his bottle!

When Megan makes different sounds, Jackson makes funny faces!
(sorry about the poor lighting,we will try to get a better video soon)

Jackson is really enjoying his oatmeal Cereal


Melissa said...

That video is hilarious! You have been telling me about it - it's much better to see than just imagine :) Oh, and Brooke was standing next to me when this was playing and she said, "he is amazing!"

Kara Graves said...

that video is awesome! I love his funny faces.

Bryan and Lisa said...

The video ROCKS!! This could possibly win big bucks on "America's Funniest videos."